serena lee
This is a letter to the mouse that lives with me.
It is a one-sided conversation speculating on: interspecies cohabitation, gentrification, pluralism, civilisation, negotiation, culture, ‘inoperative communities’, ‘hostipitality’, integration, communication, difference, care, intent, and empathy.

The term 'stretto' appears in music, particularly Baroque fugues. Deriving from Italian, it finds synonyms in 'narrow', 'tight', and 'close'. When played, it sounds like a succession of overlapping voices on independent scales of time. Sometimes the voices come together. The unspoken question: what if there is no shared language?

Running Time: 06:48
Language: English, French, German, Dutch (with English subtitles)
Credits: Translation by Annette Krauß (German, Dutch); Eric Philippoz (French); Thomas Kräftner (German)

Canada, 2016

Distributed by Vtape