serena lee
A silent slideshow plays: claustrophobic digital collages of carpeted cat trees and a Russian Ragdoll named Tucker in a conventional office.
Meanwhile, the artist sits in the back row of the cinema, singing, a cappella, a combination of Desperado and La Vie en Rose (re-addressed to the feminine).
The singing is earnest and builds as the songs intertwine according to an interior harmonic logic.
There are allusions to carpet dream interpretations, such as:
Sometimes, colour speaks louder than objects
How will anyone know that you feel this way unless you tell them?

Running Time: 5 minutes
Single-channel video and performance
Language: English, French

Images Festival: tribute to Deirdre Logue; Toronto, 2017
transmediale / McLuhan Lecture Program: Embassy of Canada; Berlin, 2019

Produced with the support of the Ontario Arts Council:
Kinds of caves and wholes and parts